Energetic Heart Assessment – Your free 20 minute introduction, where we’ll focus on you, your current needs and desires for healing. Together we will map out a plan to help you for your highest and best good. Go directly to the scheduler for this one.

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The Divine Healing Energies System

Each session follows a systematic procedure that has been shown to give you the most benefit. You’ll find infinite flexibility within the structure, and each session becomes individual, tailored to you.

Our five step system:
Call upon the Divine – We enlist help far more powerful than either of us, for maximum effectiveness.
Assess where you are. We check your starting point for each session. Even between your free Energetic Heart Assessment and your first session, changes can take place, and from week to week, change is expected and welcome. We also check to see if the problems, the heartaches, have their origin in you, or if you might have taken on problems of others. If you hold energies of others, we help release them.

Run Divine Energies. After consulting with the Divine, it’s determined which of the dozens of energies we’ve been gifted with work best for your situation, and what order, multiple, levels and intensity is going to bring about the transition you want in the smoothest and quickest way.

Directly guided spiritual exercises. In each session, the Divine Energies interweave with other visualizations and energy shifting that Allura is guided to speak. Healing comes from the speech itself, as well as from the interaction between the outer and your inner Divine Intelligence interacting with your physical, mental/emotional, subtle bodies.

Your personal power is re-fired up as we close the session with Divine gifts of love, strength, and whatever else the Divine chooses. This helps you go back into the world with protections in place.

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Divine Blessing Drops – These amazing Drops were created with the help of many Divine Beings, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other Divine Beings of Love and Light. Easy to use and economical, they are deceptively simple tools for healing, growth, and joy. This link will take you off this site.

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Silver Divine Healing Energy Package $1,297.00

Silver “Awaken your Inner Goddess,” Divine Healing Energy Package – Your journey begins from wherever you are. Are you new to spiritual healing and evolution or is this another step in your journey? The Divine, as always, give you just what you need, taking into consideration all you want. We’ll clear your heart from damage inflicted by the uncaring or unthinking and coax your inner Goddess to come out and play. Each of the six sessions in this package is 45 minutes and features Divine Healing Energies to allow love to flow freely on every level in your life.

Save nearly $400 over single sessions!

Gold Divine Healing Energy Package $2,097

Gold “Ignite your Goddess Growth” Divine Healing Energy Package – Uncover hidden heartache, trauma, and grief to dive deeper, to connect with your True Divine Goddess Self. Nourish and empower the Goddess within you and allow that Goddess to grow to the infinite. Go from constricted to expanded and begin to live your Goddess reality in your life. 12- 45 minute sessions over three months support repair and regeneration of the heart, greater self-awareness, and a wide vision of all possibilities that are within reach.

Platinum Divine Healing Energy Package $3,777.00

Platinum “SuperPower your Inner Goddess” Divine Healing Energy Package – Our most comprehensive option, we go progressively deeper, to reach subtle levels of your multidimensional energy field, to fix countless pings and darts to the heart and other blocks that have made you feel small. At the end of these 24 sessions, you’ll almost feel like a Superhero bursting through barriers that have kept you from honoring your True Goddess Self. You’ll create a more sublime connection with the Divine, to fully experience the Divine Love, Divine Light, and Divine Joy that are your birthright. 24 – 45 minute sessions given over six months (once a week), or optionally, twice a week sessions over three months, provide a powerful healing and growth experience.

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