How Can you Tell if You’re a goddess?

Are there signs, signals, a secret symbol that mysteriously appears on your forehead?

No to the symbol on your forehead! As for the signs and signals, there are subtle indications that are easy to miss, so don’t worry if you haven’t noticed them.

I’ve isolated a few things to look for if you want outer confirmation that you are, indeed, a goddess. You’ll find some of these in my book, Let Your Goddess Shine Through!, and a few you won’t. Some of these you’ll experience, while others, you may not.

  1. The world seems new. You see the world with fresh eyes, appreciating simple beauties and simple pleasures as you haven’t in ages. The world is continually new, but you, my dear are remaking yourself every day, in a bigger, better, more expanded way.
  2. Gratitude, that appreciation I just mentioned, grows. Even the familiar, been with you forever people, places, pets, and activities cause your heart to swell in love. Your gratitude is more conscious in that you are more aware of it, but it comes effortlessly.
  3. Love becomes a stronger force in your life, even when there is no one new, when there have been no major changes,
  4. You are more centered more of the time. There’s a caveat to this, though. As you grow it sometimes feels like a whirlwind is blowing you this way and that. For a time you may lose your footing as huge transitions settle in and you can settle down and see the growth. I call it a purification process, helping you uplevel from the wonderful being you’ve always been to the truly sensational goddess you are growing into,
  5. You enjoy being who you are more than ever before. You don’t feel the need to pretend to be smarter, wittier, cooler or anything else than you are. You have always been perfect as you are and you’re starting to catch on to that fact.
  6. You may have felt that there was more to life than you see on the surface all your life, but now you feel like you’re starting to experience some of that MORE.

There are many more signs that you are a goddess and signs that the goddess within you is awakening to take a more prominent role in your life. You may not display any of the symptoms above because you are a unique individual. What you experience is unique to you, and you may have completely different things going on, but there is one sure thing. You are a goddess and all the amazing qualities of your goddess self are unfolding, surely and steadily, whether you know that complete bliss, or your journey is taking you through a rockier road.

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